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ISO 8583 C Library (v0.0.3) – Benchmarks

The latest version includes a pack/unpack benchmarking module, along with sample MSVC 6.0 project files. The benchmark test is the same as the one published by jPOS. The benchmarks were run on a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop (Intel Pentium M – 2.00GHz). In ‘Static Memory’ mode it is possible to perform in excess of 130,000 […]

ISO 8583 C Library (v0.0.2)

I’ve just released an updated version (v0.0.2) that includes a 1987 message handler… See the ISO 8583 page for more details…

ISO 8583 C Library (v0.0.1)

It’s been almost two years since I wrote my ISO 8583 library and I’ve finally managed to get around to publishing it. Since its original conception back in 2005 I’ve made a few minor changes, mainly with regards to naming conventions and to facilitate the addition of different version handlers in the near future. This […]