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Implementing a QR Code generator on the iPhone

I’ve illustrated before just how easy it is to read QR Codes from an iPhone application using the ZBarSDK (original blog post), but if you’ve ever wondered how to generate a QR Code on-the-fly from within an iPhone application then look no further as this post demonstrates how the open source ‘libqrencode‘ C library can […]

Implementing a QR Code reader on the iPhone

QR Codes are becoming increasingly popular but few people realize just how easy it is to support this technology from an iPhone application. In this example, I’ll illustrate how to knock together a simple QR Code reader using the open source ZBarSDK. It’s not going to be an ‘All singing, all dancing’ application, but it will […]

9×9 Killer Sudoku

It may have taken a while but ‘9×9 Killer Sudoku’ games have finally been added to Mister Sudoku. A total of 451 games were added to the FaceBook and iPhone (v1.2.1) versions of Mister Sudoku earlier this year (March-April). Almost 12,000 of these games have been played with a total playing time in excess of […]

Mister Sudoku

‘Mister Sudoku’ is now available for both the iPhone and Facebook. The latest version (v1.0.1) of the iPhone application can be downloaded from the AppStore by clicking on the attached screenshot. The Facebook version can be accessed directly from your Web Browser by simply adding the ‘Mister Sudoku’ application from within Facebook. Mister Sudoku gives […]

ISO 8583 C Library (v0.0.3) – Benchmarks

The latest version includes a pack/unpack benchmarking module, along with sample MSVC 6.0 project files. The benchmark test is the same as the one published by jPOS. The benchmarks were run on a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop (Intel Pentium M – 2.00GHz). In ‘Static Memory’ mode it is possible to perform in excess of 130,000 […]

ISO 8583 C Library (v0.0.2)

I’ve just released an updated version (v0.0.2) that includes a 1987 message handler… See the ISO 8583 page for more details…

ISO 8583 C Library (v0.0.1)

It’s been almost two years since I wrote my ISO 8583 library and I’ve finally managed to get around to publishing it. Since its original conception back in 2005 I’ve made a few minor changes, mainly with regards to naming conventions and to facilitate the addition of different version handlers in the near future. This […]